Furniture Warranty

Upton Oaks employs strategies that enable the making of our Furniture to only move forward , if every quality check has been passed. Then and only then does it move onto the next stage, from the selecting of the raw timber through to the hand waxing of the finished product. Every step has its checks and balances and this enables us to confidently stand beside you, when you make your purchase.  In fact we are so confident that our furniture will stand the test of time, that we are prepared to offer you an extended structural warranty for 10 years.  This applies to the original purchaser only.

In purchasing from Upton Oaks we guarantee our back up support and service, right here in NZ, and any unforeseen problems can be fixed, unlike an imported piece of furniture with an off shore manufacturer.    The 10 year Structural Warranty will not cover such things as:

- Natural Wear and Tear such as a Dining Table gets with general family usage

- Splitting or Joints opening up as a result of your beautiful piece of furniture having been left in direct sunlight

- Overheated air conditioned rooms that suck every bit of moisture out of the timber causing shrinkage, cracking or splitting.  Furniture is made from  seasoned kiln dried timber and the moisture content is usually around 12-14% when made.

- Swelling of Drawers due to excess moisture content in and around your home environment

- Accidental damage.  Your insurance company will be only too happy to help you there.  We can do the repairs for them though.

- Product used in Commercial applications

- Excludes Fabrics

Product Care Information -  While our finish's have very good water and heat resistance we still recommend the use of coasters and place mats where ever possible, especially very hot dishes straight from the oven. Care also needs to be taken with the bottom of mugs and vase's etc which can sometimes be quite rough and can scratch the top surface.

We suggest that you clean your furniture with a soft damp cloth just as you would wiping down your bench. Please don't use abrasive cleaners. Every now and then you may wish to re wax your furniture, especially the top surface where all the action takes place. (Please note that wax is not a crucial part of the finish, it just takes the “plasticky look” away and adds to the patina of the piece). So if it doesn’t ever get waxed again, it won’t take away from the integrity of the piece, just visually it will look better if it is.  So for waxing, please follow the instructions below:

We always use a good quality bees wax paste polish to polish our furniture. (Available from Antique or Hardware Shops). The brand or colour isn't really that important, any colour such as “Oak” or “Antique Pine” would be fine. (Please don't use silicon type polish's or products like "Pledge", they will make the wax go all gooey.) However, if you wanted to use exactly what we have used, we use a product called “Kiwax Bees Wax” (Oak) made by Mainland Paints in Christchurch, Ph: 03 338 1312 or we can sell to you in an un-labelled can for $30 inclusive of postage and packaging. “Liberon” brand is also an easy wax to apply, nice and soft, which has a  “flatter” (not so shiny)  end result. However any beeswax type polish would be fine.

We recommend that you use a soft cloth to apply the wax and use a little rather than a lot. Rub the wax on with the grain as evenly as possible, after that buff up (again with the grain) with another soft cloth. If in time your wax is too firm (goes hard) in the tin, it will be hard work! Just add turps or leave in sun to it to soften up to a "margarine" type consistency.  After waxing it may be a bit tacky for a couple of days, leaving finger marks, but it will harden off.  Just keep buffing, it will come right.

If you put on too much over a period of time, use turps to take it off and start again. As mentioned above, it is better to use it sparingly.

Caution: These wax polishes can and will stain clothes or carpet if you accidentally get some on them. A clean rag and clean turps will remove most of it, but no guarantee that it will get the strong dyes out. So please take care or take the piece of furniture outside in the shade or into the shed.

What our clients say

We are proud to display some testimonials from our happy clients.

  • Janene – Whangaparaoa

    "Yes, I love the table and coffee table. The table is simply gorgeous and exceeded all my expectations. I am so grateful you understood and interpreted everything I asked for, to the minutest detail. Worth every penny! My husband is also thrilled. Your team are a credit to you... I told them this. You craft tables that will last hundreds of years. And what is even better, is that this gorgeous piece of furniture is made right here in NZ. Definitely something we can all be proud of. I never want to part with it... I love it, love it, love it! Thanks again Dave. Give yourself a pat on the back."
  • Paula- Wellington

    "Just a quick email to say thank you very much for the beautiful job you have done on our dining table and also for the exceptional customer service. We are thrilled with the way the table has come up – it is like having a new table once again! We have really appreciated you offering to resurface the table for us free of charge – it proves the importance and value in supporting New Zealand businesses such as yours. Once again, my sincere thanks go to you and your team. With kind regards and best wishes "
  • Frank & Di

    " This is just to say a huge thanks for our new furniture. The 'made over' bedrooms look really awesome and both of us have spent time sitting in either room and just looking at what has appeared. Both rooms look great. Friends who have been this weekend have been mightily impressed. Many many thanks"
  • Cath

    "Bookcases in and they look fantastic – had a couple of issues putting in the shelves, then realised that you had numbered them for us – so all is well. You have done a wonderful job of the cabinets – they are amazing and enormous! But they look great and I am very happy with them – they make the room look totally different. Now just got to convince my husband that we need a new dining table!"
  • Deborah

    "Wonderful. They look beautiful! Many thanks. By the way, from someone who has been in retail & PR, you should know that the service from your company today has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being so attentive and so prompt. No wonder you have such a good name....sadly I am just discovering you."
  • Ann

    " Hi Dave the furniture has arrived and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you so much! Thank you again Dave .. A wonderful and beautiful job"
  • Alex

    "Thanks Dave, furniture arrived this afternoon and it is fantastic, we love it."
  • Emma

    "The furniture is just beautiful- thank you so much."
  • Brigid

    "We're very happy with our beautiful new table and seat."
  • Cathleen

    "Have just received the dining setting and I'm thrilled to bits - it looks fabulous!"
  • Eve

    "Just thought I'd let you know the pieces all look as though they've been there forever – it's great."
  • Leigh-anne

    "The Delivery Company has today delivered our beautiful display cabinet - thank you. We will be in contact again as I have my eye on another piece of your furniture!"
  • Tilly and Mark

    " Our dining suite arrived yesterday afternoon, We love it"
  • Rose and Pete

    "Our lovely hall table has arrived safely today. Thankyou for your craftsmanship a great service. The fun starts now as we start to build a story around it... It's been a really positive and relaxed process working with your team. Many thanks"

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